"If you are looking for a photographer who is literally a dog-whisperer...who instinctively knows how to bring out your dog's unique personality in each photo taken. Who not just "takes photos," but inspires and creates. Who is professional, caring, compassionate, fun-loving, and dares to be creative and think outside the box...hands down, work with Ellen Shershow-Pena of J'adore Le Chien Pet Photography. You will be beyond amazed...!!!"

-Debbie B.

"Ellen. Is. AMAZING!!! Seriously, even my crazy 60 pound Staffie, who has severe fear-aggression issues towards strangers LOVED her from the beginning! She is very warm, down to earth, and has a great sense of humor. She will take all the time needed to not just get "the" right shot, but to get the right 20 plus shots just in case your "right" and her "right" are not the same! She's also very creative and did what she needed to get it perfect... I'm so glad I met her and got to experience her work, you will NOT be disappointed."

-Carrine G.

"Ellen is a pure joy to work with. We looked at a dozen or more Bay Area photographers' websites that specialize in dog portraits, and Ellen's work stood out as the most beautiful and natural looking. Ellen has some sort of innate talent to establish a friendly rapport with your dog and put him or her at ease almost immediately. Ellen has a lot of tricks up her sleeve to bring out the playful, the regal, the goofy, the whatever personality of your dog in a portrait, and we were simply amazed at how gorgeous her final photos were.

We couldn't be happier with Ellen's work capturing our dog and our family together, and our session together couldn't have been a more pleasurable experience!"

-Kim B